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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Top iPhone and Android apps you should have on your smartphone .

November 19, 2015

Top iPhone and Android Apps to keep you busy and get the best out of your smartphone

Top iPhone and Android Apps

Google and Apple keep on adding innumerable apps and games to their respective App stores. While most of these apps and games go unnoticed; however we have been informing our readers about the best of the new iPhone and Android apps that you may have missed. Our team has picked up few interesting iPhone, Android, Mac and Web apps which we believe are a must and you would want to give them a try.

Google Photos App

It has been seen that certain apps are just bloatware where you cannot store unlimited photos and videos which adds up as a burden to your data. Google Photos App is a powerful app designed for storing photos where you can upload unlimited photos and videos. This app features machine learning technology which recognizes what is in your photos and also you can search and sort your photos in a flash.
You can download the Google Photos App for Android from here and for iPhone/iPad from here or you can try out the online version here.


Sunrise is a free calendar gorgeous App which has a new Keyboard that lets you easily schedule appointments without opening the app.It has a new “Meet” keyboard feature which gives you to access a quick view of your calendar and even lets you select and send along your availability all from within your favorite messaging or email app.
You can download the Sunrise App for Android from here and for iPhone/iPad from here.

Duet Display (paid App)

For the first time, Duet Display App helps you to connect your iPad to your Mac and your computer as well. This app uses your iPad’s Lightning cord for the connection due to which there is a Zero lag and you can change the iPad’s refresh rate for a performance gain if your computer has become old. The price is $15.99 (IOS, Mac & PC).
You can download Duet Display for iPhone/iPad from here, Mac version from here and the Windows version from here.


The Branch app is very exciting and simple. It is a puzzle game where you try to survive as long as possible as you travel along a branch made of polygons. To keep from falling off, you simply have to tap the screen to rotate the branch so you can prevent the smaller branches.
You can download the Branch for iPhone/iPad from here.

Redacted (paid App)

Redacted app is a very crucial app and is perfect if you want to post a screenshot or photo of an essential document or email and also helps in hiding any sensitive information which you do not want to share. The Mac app effortlessly helps to add black bars, blur, or pixelate lines of text. The price is $6.99 and can be downloaded for Mac from here.


MovieQu app is awesome for those who enjoys movies. This app listens to what is playing on the screen and quickly brings up all the important information and also adds the film’s release date to your favorite calendar app automatically. The price is going to be unveiled soon and you can sign up for the updates here.

Moleskine’s Timepage (paid App)

Moleskine’s new calendar and Timepage app both is very elegant and simple and use. The app organizes your appointments in list and it also incorporates weather forecasts and lets you quickly hail an Uber right from within the app. The price is $4.99 (IOS).


As per market research, Periscope has officially unveiled an Android version of its live streaming app and it has a couple of exclusive features. You can mention the kinds of notifications you would like to receive and there is “Return to Broadcast” button if you leave and re-open the app so that you can go back into the broadcast you were watching. Its free of cost and can be download for your Android from here and iPhone/iPad from here.


Paper is the best sketching app and its new feature helps to create perfect shapes, diagrams and charts even if you have horrible writing.The Paper App is free of cost and can be downloaded for iOS from here.

Uber for Tailors

George Zimmer, the founder of Men’s wearhouse has brought a new app called zTailors that wants to bring a tailor to your home or office. The app’s tailors have minimum of five years of experience and they can adjust your shirts, pants, jackets, jeans, coats, dresses, skirts and give it back within a week’s time with free pickup and delivery. It costs $20 to taper a shirt and getting a pair of pants hemmed costs $16. The web version is available here and Apps will be launched soon.

Pixelmator (paid App)

Pixelmator is a powerful photo editing tool for your iPhone and iPad. It is easy to use but packs serious power under its hood allowing you to enhance, edit, frame, paint, sketch and transform your photos into beautiful works of arts. The price is $4.99 (iOS).
The above iPhone and Android apps would help users to enhance the performance of their device, organize themselves in much better way, aid in their entertainment, help them in their connectivity, allows them to play mind boggling games and last but not the least help foodies to get more recipes. Readers might feel there are some other more important and useful apps in the Google Play Store, please feel free to mention that in the comments so as to benefit other readers.
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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

How to Get Faster Internet Speed Using DNS Hack

November 11, 2015
How to Get Faster Internet Speed Using DNS Hack

There are many ways to get a faster internet speed in Microsoft Windows. Today, I am going to show you a simple DNS hack that can speed up your Web Browsing  dramatically. First, I need to remind you an obvious thing that happens with most of us when we are using a slow internet connection. The only thing we blame is our Internet Service Provider (ISP) for slow internet connection, but this isn’t the only case all the time. Sometimes, the problem lie with our DNS (Domain Name System). So, first let me explain you something about DNS before telling you the method to get a faster internet speed.

What is DNS?

DNS – Domain Name System (Service/Server) – is something that converts your domain names into IP addresses.
The domain names are usually alphabetic for us to remember easily, but in actuality the Internet works on IP addresses. The DNS converts the domain name into its corresponding IP address, each time it is used as such. The DNS has a network of its own i.e. one DNS server can ask other DNS servers about translating a specific domain name to its corresponding IP address till it gets the correct result.
Computers and other devices make use of IP address to route the traffic and it is very much similar to dialing a phone number. DNS acts as an intelligent operator that bypasses the infinite address book of IP addresses. Your DNS manages this huge task.

How an Alternative DNS Service Will Speed Up Your Browsing?

As I mentioned earlier, your tortoise internet speed isn’t always your Internet Service Provider’s fault, instead it may be your DNS’s fault. So why not use an alternative DNS service? As the present web pages continue to become more and more complex by inculcating innumerable things, so clients go for multiple DNS lookups for rendering one single web page. With the continuous growth in web, the existing DNS infrastructure is under more load each day.
Now I’ll tell you to use a free public DNS service that will tell your computer to use that service instead of using your ISP prescribed service and will help you to get a faster internet speed

How To Speed Up Web Browsing Using DNS Hack?

To get a faster internet speed, I’ll tell you about free OpenDNS service. You can also use Google DNS for speeding up your internet. OpenDNS is one of the most popular free DNS services that was started to provide an alternative method to those who were discontented with their existing DNS. Ahead I’m mentioning about OpenDNS; find Google DNS after that.
By following these simple steps, you can tell your computer to use OpenDNS’s DNS servers instead of the ones your service provider automatically uses:

Open DNS:

Step 1:
To get a faster internet speed using OpenDNS, first open Control panel.
Step 2:
Go to Network and Internet options
How to Get Faster Internet Speed Using DNS Hack

Step 3:
Now click on Network and Sharing Center.
How to Get Faster Internet Speed Using DNS Hack

Step 4:
Click on your Internet Connection and then click on Properties.
How to Get Faster Internet Speed Using DNS Hack

Step 5:
Highlight the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties.
How to Get Faster Internet Speed Using DNS Hack

Step 6:
Now choose the following DNS server addresses to get a faster internet speed:
Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:
How to Get Faster Internet Speed Using DNS Hack

You are using OpenDNS’s servers now which helps you to to get a faster internet speed.
To Configure IPv6:
Highlight the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click on Properties, and choose the following DNS server addresses:
Preferred DNS server: 2620:0:ccc::2
Alternate DNS server: 2620:0:ccd::2

How to Get Faster Internet Speed Using DNS Hack

Google DNS:

Replace those addresses with the IP addresses of the Google DNS servers in step 6.
For IPv4: and/or
For IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and/or 2001:4860:4860::8844


There are more benefits of OpenDNS and Google DNS other than getting a faster internet speed. Usually if the DNS server of your service provider goes down you become unable to use the internet, but with OpenDNS and Google DNS method, even if the service providers DNS server is down, you can surf the internet normally.
Both Google DNS and OpenDNS work just fine but people prefer Google DNS these days. You can choose to go for any of these and see if your internet speeds up.
Did you like this method to get a faster internet speed using simple DNS hack? Tell us in comments!

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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software of 2015

November 07, 2015
Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software of 2015

Accidentally pressing the Delete key, someone deliberately deleting your valuable data or perhaps a software bug creeping into the system causing your hard disk to go corrupt- a recipe for havoc isn’t it. Instead of crying out loud and cursing -“Why? Why did it have to happen to me” or “What the hell was I thinking while doing so?” you would definitely prefer to recover the data back at any cost without any fuss. Here is where the data recovery software come in handy. Although truly speaking the best way to avoid such a harrowing experience is to regularly take a good old real-time backup! But just in case you don’t, we have some of the best free data recovery software for you.

We compiled this list of best free data recovery software considering factors such as whether the software can recover RAW, Unallocated, Corrupt or Formatted Hard Disk, its ability to recover from different file systems such as FAT, FAT32, HFS, NTFS etc., the array of devices supported, time taken for file recovery and user friendliness to name a few.

Take a look at the best software:

Undelete 360:

Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software of 2015: Undelete 360

With looks of a typical Office application the Undelete 360 is built on a fast yet efficient algorithm which enables the user to undelete files from a variety of devices such as Digital cameras, USB’s etc. It includes a data-wiping tool, a Hex Viewer along with the ability to preview files before recovery.
It does a great job in recovering recently deleted files as compared to other free data recovery software and is also able to recover files of a wide variety of types such as DOC, HTML, AVI, MP3, JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. Scanning speed needs major improvement and it also lags out its competition in terms of recovering data.

Pandora Recovery:

Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software of 2015 pandora recovery

Pandora recovery is one of the most reliable and effective free data recovery software out there. With the ability to recover deleted files from NTFS and FAT-formatted volumes, preview deleted files of certain types (image and text files) without performing recovery, surface scan ( which allows you to recover data from drives that have been formatted) and the ability to recover archived, hidden, encrypted and compressed files it packs quite a punch.
Its interface is very easy to get a hang of and provides an explorer-like view along with colour coded & recovery percentage indicators.
However, its file detection system is not that reliable and needs to be improved further. The software could be made portable as well so that it doesn’t consume any space on the hard disk and thereby not consume space that a file which we wish to recover once consumed. To know more about Panda free data recovery software’s features click here.


Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software of 2015 PhotoRec

Definitely one of the best free data recovery software out there, PhotoRec is widely acclaimed for its powerful file recovery over a wide variety of devices ranging from digital cameras to hard-disks. It is compatible with almost all major platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X etc. Don’t be fooled by its name either, it comes packed with the ability to recover more than 440 different file formats. Features such as the ‘unformat function’ and the ability to add your own custom file types do come in handy. Although I wouldn’t advise this free data recovery software to beginners as it is completely devoid of a GUI and uses a command line interface which may intimidate some users.


Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software of 2015 TestDisk

A list of best free data recovery software can hardly be termed as being complete without a mention of TestDisk. Packed with features and a file recovery system that can easily overshadow that of any other data recovery software, TestDisk has a lot to offer for both novices and experts. It allows users to recover/rebuild the boot sector, fix or recover deleted partition table besides being able to reliably undelete files from FAT, exFAT, NTFS and ext2 file systems. It is available on all major platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X etc and is in fact quite popular as it can be found on various Linux Live CD’s. Although being a command line tool it may not be suitable for some users.


Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software of 2015 Recuva

Editor’s Recommendation: I would personally recommend Piriform’s Recuva to all our readers hands down. The fact that Recuva is on the top of this list may not come across a surprise to most of you.  With superior file recovery , an advanced deep scan mode, a secure overwrite feature that uses industry & military standard deletion techniques and the ability to recover files from damaged or newly formatted files , Recuva is undeniably one of the best free data recovery tools out there. Its portability (the ability to run without installation) is one feature that sets it apart from the others.
The User Interface wouldn’t let you down either with a file-recovery wizard and an application manual mode available to your disposal which provides colour coding (indicating the probability of the recovery of a file) along with the ability to preview files before undeleting them. Recuva is definitely a notch above all others and undoubtedly the most complete and reliable free data recovery software available today.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Here is How To Fix Common Errors in The Pangu’s iOS 9 – 9.0.2 Jailbreak

November 04, 2015

Let’s look at some simple solutions to the ever-so-complex Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9

Pangu’s iOS 9 – 9.0.2 Jailbreak

Pangu has released its Jailbreak tool for Apple’s new iOS version, iOS 9 – 9.0.2 however many users get stuck while jailbreaking their iPhones on few common errors. The tech forums are filled with queries from several users who encountered issues with the jailbreak for iOS 9 and the latest updates. Let’s look at some simple solutions to the ever-so-complex jailbreak for iOS 9 and later:

Unsuccessful Attempts To Jailbreak

If you have been unable to jailbreak your iOS 9 device after multiple attempts, Pangu suggests that you try the following steps:-
  • Enable “Airplane Mode” and try again
  • Reboot both your computer system, and your iOS device, and try again
  • Restore your iOS device, preferably through the Pangu restore functionality, and have another go at it
Disabling passcode, Touch ID, and Find my iPhone might also help you in your attempts to jailbreak your iOS device.

Environment Error Code: 45% Error

A common error several users encounter during their attempt to jailbreak their iOS 9 devices is that the process gets stuck at 45% with an Environment Error Code (0A error). Courtesy of a user, si709, you can resolve this issue by disabling Encrypted Backup of your iOS 9 device through iTunes. This issue is caused due to the encrypted backup through iTunes.

Cydia App Not Available

If you cannot find the Cydia app after jailbreaking your iOS device, there is a simple fix. Open the Photos app on your device, and then run the Pangu app. This should solve this issue, and you should be able to use the Cydia app.

Getting Stuck At 90%

Some users have found that their jailbreak process gets stuck at 90%. We know it frustrates the most when the process gets stuck just when it’s about to complete. If you encounter this issue, restart the jailbreak process, and when you are prompted to open the Pangu app, open the Photos app instead, and then open the Pangu app. Don’t close the Photos app afterwards and this should do it for you.

Pangu Start Button Disabled

You might find the Start button greyed out at the very beginning of the jailbreak process, where it prompts to connect the iOS device and press Start, then install iTunes on your system. After installation, simply disconnect and reconnect your iOS device to your computer system. This should solve the issue.
These are some of the common issues with the iOS 9 jailbreak and its fixes. We hope this guide helped you effectively overcome any issues. Let us know in the comments what you think about this.
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