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Friday, 1 April 2016

Run applications without installation on Android? Fact or fiction?

 Insufficient Storage Available Solution 

Hello to you wherever you are through the door of WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY in this new input technology through which we will give you an application is best for you and allows the user a range of exquisite and exclusive privileges . And what remains the largest download and use various applications on their phones without the need to install it and took the opportunity to share the storage space

Of course, the idea of the application clearly our duty to explain. The idea is that the application solves the space problem non-phone available and the problem of buying a memory card to use applications that take much space and are transformed without doing some activities we believe in our task time (use of chat applications :. WhatsApp Facebook ....). Since the application allows you to download an application or program the opportunity, despite the inability of the phone to save the remaining space because it offers us for this purpose a cloud storage automatically compensate for shortages rather a bug that resides area telephone or other form of its ability to withstand various applications.

AppSurfer the application under the name which is still in beta and will soon launch the final version of the course load in this trial version is available now, their goal is to encourage users to use the application, and conduct audits to him and the announcement of its problems. Trial is a version of the application is currently available for US residents only, but you can use different parts of the world via the following link and after a request to participate in the opportunity to use it.


I see that the idea of ​​the very impressive application and, after the launch of the final version of it will often demand and become the first of its kind without competitor in the lead in the number of downloads. For the fact that he saved many smart phone users to the problem of phone space and inability to resist any new application.

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