04/14/16 - Apna Netgyan

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

An application that converts your phone into a professional camera to capture the best images

April 14, 2016

AfterFocus one of the best applications in the field of image effects, where he works to make the image more natural and realistic as if you used a professional camera.
After Focus 
The application is characterized by a series of enormous advantages as accurately characterized by the clarity of the image up to 3264 pixels and the Ptillab background image and also can become a front or rear image Moor professional or other colors.

How easy only after the entry of the application asks you to choose Do you shoot the picture or you have an image in advance what you'll just choose:
after focus turorial

Then moves to a place to do additions and effects for the image and we locate that you want
That stays the same White Focus the box in order to be identified as the red color in the picture is we select black box BG was determined Tilliba place you want to see the result in the image:
after focus turorial

In Filter and Filter 2 There is a wonderful effects you can add to your images as in the picture
after focus filter tutorial

Or on this form {Framework}

after focus tutorial framwork

Download Link For Android

Download Link For iOS
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