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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

How to speed up the games on your Android using this code | Successful way 100%

April 19, 2016
A set of modest phones, which are often not able to run the big games and that require high specifications in order not to face problems in use. But in this Article I will show you the way, believe me, and after my experience with my phone I can say it as a successful way of 100%, where will the games do not cramps dramatically, and even more than that it will become a fast phone in navigation and in the transition between general applications, and of course Here I talk about the Android phones and the way she tried to phone Samsung galaxy J1.

All you need first is to download the application "build prop editor" where the download link to find the bottom of the blog post .. As for the function of this latter application works on the amendment to the codes system which means that we'll amendment on our Android system and refer here to the important point is featured with you any sinned or something like that just do message contrary to the way in which we'll apply it and we explain it, and now as well as it is very necessary that your device is available on the Root To runs with you application without problems.
 buildprop editor

After downloading the application you copy the code, which I will spare him you also down blog post and paste it into the application. How so? It is very easy to you enter to the application buildprop editor who already have downloaded and then click on the pencil icon as shown in the picture and go down to the last line and you paste the code simply then you save the changes. Then I advise you to restart your device and you will notice a very big difference in terms of not playing games, and its efficiency will play a favorite of your games on the same device without cramps, as well as browse faster and get rid of cramps damned phone.

 buildprop editor

 buildprop editor

The code 

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#Game tweaks persist.sys.NV_FPSLIMIT=60 persist.sys.NV_POWERMODE=1 persist.sys.NV_PROFVER=15 persist.sys.NV_STEREOCTRL=0 persist.sys.NV_STEREOSEPCHG=0 persist.sys.NV_STEREOSEP=20 persist.sys.purgeable_assets=1 htc.audio.alt.enable=0 htc.audio.hac.enable=0 ro.config.hw_quickpoweron=true

My love and appreciation to those who follow the blog world of technology, long as you safely.
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